Cunning Plan Gardens

my quest to take over your yard too

front yard 2018.JPG

The yard last year - before I got REALLY serious


Micro Farms coming soon!

The plan see, is to think small - but a lot of smalls. As in my small yard, my neighbor’s small yard, your small yard too, maybe. Any neglected patch of sunshine will do - I intend to flower farm it.

I have three mini suburban farm-lets and counting. I’m really excited about what I’m calling “Le Jardin de la Bonne Maman” farm I’m installing in Aspen Hill, where I will take over the gardens of Madame Fary, whose gardening is limited these day to high raised beds so she doesn’t have to bend over. Maman is as generous with her garden as she is with my broken French - AND - she keeps her eyes ouvert for les lapins. It is a match made en ciel, I think.


I dug up this patch and planted 400 tulips and larkspur. Later this spring I will add foxglove, phlox, and long-stemmed pansies, so watch this space!

front yard banner.JPG

yards, my friends, are over rated. Let’s fill them with flowers.